Thoth was the god of writing, magic, wisdom and the moon.
Thoth was known as the god without a mother.
Thoth was the smartest of the egyptian gods.
Thoth is usually seen as human with the head of an ibis.
An ibis is a large bird with a very long beak.
Thoth has almost 20 names.
Thoth had no parents.
Thoth's best temple was in khmun.
Thoth fixed the eye of horus and gave it back to horus.
Thoth was a secretary for the sun god Ra.
Thoth had a wife named Ma'at.
Ma'at is the goddess of truth.
Thoth was the author of all science, philosophy, religon, and magic.
Thoth was the scribe of underworld.
Thoth and seshat guarded the sacred hieroglyphs.
As the role of scribe for the underworld Thoth wrote the judgement of a soul.
Thoth's old egyptian name was Djehuty.
Djehuty means he who is like an ibis.
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