The ancient Egyptians called Thebes "Waset". They sometimes called it "The City Of Was''. Thebes was the capital city of the Egyptian empire. Thebes was on both sides of the Nile River. Thebes covered 36 miles of land. The main part of the city was situated next to the East bank of the Nile River. Thebes is known to have existed from the fourth dynasty. The earliest monuments that have survived at Thebes proper date from the 11th Dynasty when the local nomarchs (governors) unite Egypt under their rule. From this time, Thebes frequently served as the royal capital of Egypt. In the 12th Dynasty, the royal people of Thebes were moved to Memphis, but the kings of Egypt continued to honour Amon, their family god. Since all that happened, they built temples in Thebes. The 18th Dynasty was the best era for Thebes. The 18th Dynasty pharaohs rebuilt it and made it their capital, embellishing their temples with the spoils of Asia and tribute of Nubia. During the 15th century BC. Greatly palaces brightly painted and surrounded with gardens, rose on either bank of the river.