Isis and Osirus

The story of Isis and Osirus is rather a more random one. This story is very specific.
Isis and Osirus were brother and sister. They had another sibling, Seth. Seth was jealous of Osirus
 because he got to marry Isis and be king. Seth was having a dinner party one night, he built a box that was a perfect size for
 Osirus. He kept on telling people that if you could fit in the box, then you could have it.
People kept on trying, and trying, and trying. No one could fit. Osirus didn't want the box but he tried it
for the sake of his brother. While he was inside, Seth put a cover on it and locked it. He threw the box in the Nile.
Isis was wondering where he was and had Thoth help her find Osirus. When they found him, he was in pieces. Isis
breathed life back into him.  He
re some facts on Osirus and Isis.

Isis is one of the oldest goddesses of ancient Egypt.
She was worshiped all throughout the land but the first shrine dedicated to her
was not built until the 30th dynasty.
Isis in her Greek name but she is really known to the Ancient Egyptians as Aset.
The Egyptians liked family life and Isis was perfect when it came to motherly
values. In the new kingdom, Isis was considered the perfect
mother and was the patron goddess of childbirth and motherhood.

Osirus in the god of the dead. He is the ruler of the underworld. He was the
brother and the husband of Isis. He was also the brother of Nepthys and Seth. His son was Horus.
His appearance was a mummified man wearing a white cone headdress. Just as he was the god of the dead, he was also the
god of the resurrection. A temple was built to honour Osirus at Abydos.