King Ramses III
Ramses III was the 2nd pharaoh of the 20th dynasty. He is known to
be the last king in the New Kingdom to have any real power over Egypt.
He was born in 1218 BC in Thebes. His parents were Tiy-Merenese
 and Setnakhte. He was assassinated in 1155 BC. Ramses was
king of Egypt from 1187-1156 B.C. While he was king
 he defended his country from foreign countries in 3 great wars
to make Egypt safe and peaceful. After two years of peace
 the Sea People (people who traveled by sea) attacked
Egypt. They had already conquered the powerful hittite
 empire. The Sea People also attacked and destroyed
much of Syria. Ramses army was greatly damaged by
the attack but in the end the Egyptians finally came out on top. It was a
hard win but the Egyptians were once again in peace.
In Ramses's 11th year a group of Libyan
 tribes attacked Egypt. The attackers
were finally defeated when Ramses captured their chief. Near the end
 of Ramses' rule the people working on the royal tombs in Thebes
 went on strike because their food shipment came in late. After a while the people
 started to work again but their was a large delay in the building of the tombs.
Iset Ta-Hemdjert was Ramses most important
 wife and his most important child was Ramses VI. When Ramses
reign was almost over one of his secondary wives wanted

 to have her son on the throne. She made a plan to assassinate him.
 The murderers attacked and they were brought to a trial.
At first his mummy did not tell if he was murdered or not.
 However after a thorough examination they found a
knife cut in his throat and confirmed his murder.
He died in his 32nd year of being king. King Ramses
 III was buried in the Valley Of The Kings number
11 His reign was followed by Ramses IV.

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