Ramses II

Ramses family was originally non royal and came to be pharaohs after Akhenaten. Ramses' Father Seti 1
conquered multiple princes in southern Syria and Palestine. He also went to war against the Hittites. However  the
Hittites gained even more Egyptian territory .Ramses was trained to be king at a young age. When he
 became pharaoh he had experience at war and being a king. When Ramses was king he went to
Syria to crush rebellious local dynasties. He the set his sights on the Hittite stronghold called Kadesh. Ramses
 captured two Hittite spy who lied and told him the Hittite army was in Aleppo to the north
when they were really in the city. Ramses soon learned that the Hittite army was
in the city and sent messengers to the rest of his army but it was to late the Hittites
attacked them with 2,500 chariots. Ramses front line broke and fled leaving Ramses
and and a small amount of chariots surrounded by the Hittites. While the Egyptians where
 fighting the rest of there army arrived  and the Egyptians won the battle. However they could
not take Kadash because the Egyptian army and the Hittite army were in no shape to fight.
So a Armistice was agreed and the Egyptians returned to Egypt. Ramses eventually attacked
the Hittites again. However just like his father he could not hold on to the land. Ramses then signed a treaty
between the two countries and there war ended. Ramses married the oldest daughter of the Hittite king.
Ramses was the king of  Egypt for 69 years. Ramses had many wives he had 111 sons and 51 daughters.
Ramses built large temples such as Abu Simbel. Ramses would put his name on everything. If He repaired a small sanctuary he
would name it after himself. He is perhaps the most famous Egyptian Pharaoh in history.