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How They Made The Pyramids

 First the Egyptians would find a good spot for the pyramid. They always
had the pyramids go on the West side of the Nile River.
They put the pyramids on the West side because
the West side was where the sun set and
where they thought was the afterlife.
The spot they picked also had to be on high ground because
it kept the pyramid safe from flooding.

What The Pyramids Were Made Out Of

Egyptologists discovered huge amounts of evidence on
how the Egpytians built pyramids.
The Egyptians were able to
bring gigantic stones by putting the stones on a wooden seld.
The Egyptians then pulled the sled with the stones
on top, all the way to the pyramid. While
they were pulling the stones they would wet the sand in front
of the sled, so the sled wouldn't get stuck
in the sand.

What They Used Pyramids For

The pyramids were used for buring the the pharaohs.
The pharaohs were buried with all
of their treasures and belonings.
The pharaohs slaves and knights would be buried with
the king. They would be buried with the pharaoh
because they believed the pharaoh would need
to be protected in the afterlife. Also
the pharoah would have his slaves with him because
they also believed the pharaoh should never
have to work in the afterlife.