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Isis is one of the oldest gods or goddesses in ancient Egypt. Isis was her greek name,
 but she was known as Aset to the ancient Egyptians which is usually translated as (female) of throne or
 Queen of the
 throne. However the exact name is still unknown. Plutarch suggested that her name meant knowledge but another
 possible translation is (female) of flesh, mortal, suggesting that all though she was Queen of the gods,
 she had once been a mortal woman.

Isis was a member of the Helioplotian Ennead. She was the daughter of Geb (Earth) and Nut (Sky) and the sister and wife of Osiris also the sister of Set, Nepthys and sometimes Horus the Elder.

Isis was usually described as a goddess wearing a headdress representing a throne. She was also described
 as a human queen wearing the vulture headdress with a royal serpent on the brow. In both of those two forms she occasionally
 carried a lotus bud or the glyph of
 the sycamore tree. She was also described as a queen or goddess wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt
 along with the feather of Ma’at. Another way  Isis  was described was as a winged goddess or a
 kite (one of her sacred animals). In this form her wigs would spread a good scent across the land and brought fresh air into the underworld.


Osiris's appearance is a mummified man wearing a white cone like headdress with feathers.
The Ennead of Heliopolis is nine Ancient Egyptian gods associated with creation
Osiris is the son of Geb and Nut. His siblings are Set, Horus, Nepthys, and
Isis. He is one of the most important gods of Heliopolis Ennead.
Alothough Atum was the head of the
Heliopolis Ennead, Osiris was
considered to be the king of the underworld.The oldest religious
texts known to us refer to him as the great
god of the dead. who once was human and lived on earth.
After murdered by Set he became king of the
underworld. In order to enter his kingdom  the dead had to have
their heart balanced agaisnt the feather Ma'at (justice or balance).
If your heart was heavier you had been a bad person and could not pass
to the underworld. If it was lighter you were
 a good person and could pass.

    Set (also called Seth, Setekh, Sut, Sutekh, and Sety) was one the most ancient
gods. He is the son of Nut and Geb, and the brother of Isis, Osiris, and Nephthys. He is known for being jealous of Osiris.
 He was jealous because Osiris got to the pharaoh, and not him. So, he tried to kill Osiris, twice.
 The first time, Set tricked Osiris at a dinner
 party to getting into a decorated coffin.
Set sealed the box and sailed him down the Nile River. Osiris drowned. But Isis breathed
Osiris back to life. Then Set cut Osiris up into pieces and scattered his pieces across Egypt. Once again, Isis, with a little help
, brought him back to life, but he could
not live in the land of the living. Therefore, Osiris is the king of the underworld.
    Set is also remembered because he punched out Horus’ (Osiris and
 Isis’ only son) eye out. Set also blinded
Horus. The Eye of Horus was very important to the
Ancient Egyptians; it symbolized protection, to them.

Isis, Osiris, & Set's Story

Although there are multiple myths on how Set tried to  kill Osiris here is one of the main choices.
Set was always very jealous of osiris and was planing on killing him.
 Sets first attempt was tricking Osiris into a wooden chest,cut him  to fit him  and then  sealed the box and threw it in the Nile river.
Isis searched everywhere to find Osiris and she finally found the chest stuck in a tamarisk bush. Isis
broke  open   the chest and carried his body
back to Egypt. Isis put the body in a temple and transformed herself into the kite (a small bird)
and flew over the body singing a song of sorrow and mourning. After Isis's  son Horus came to avenge his father, Osiris and to 
 kill Set. Soon Thoth came and helped isis resurrect Osiris.
However Set found out about the plans and stole Osiris’s body. he split his body into  fourteen pieces and scattered his body
 pieces across all of egypt. With the help of her sister Nephthys to find the pieces of Osiris and the help of Anubis to prepare the body
(in the first mummification). When the opening of the mouth ceremony was being done, Osiris’s spirit returned to his body.
 However, no spirit that has died and passed to the underworld can live in the lan  d of the living so, Ra decided that
Osiris should become the king of the underworld, and Anubis gave up his job as lord of the nether world out of respect for Osiris.