In Egypt, it was very important to have the human body preserved. The process of
mummification took 70 days.
You had to pay a lot of money to pay for mummification. The
Ancient Egyptians believed that if they mummify
 the body the person could use it in the afterlife. The poor Egyptians were buried in the sand.
Only the rich ones were buried in tombs. Anubis is the god of
Mummification. Pharaohs were buried in pyramids. But many were
buried in the Valley of the Kings in underground tombs.
A sarcophagus is a stone coffin that is usually decorated with sculptures or inscriptions. The purpose
of a sarcophagus is to protect the body from drying up. In the case of royalty
some of them were made of solid gold or silver while the sarcophagi of a peasant would made of wood.

    Osiris was the king of the Egyptian gods and his wife was Isis. Osiris' brother
Set however was jealous of his brother's position. So Set began to
come up with a plan to murder Osiris and become king of the
world. So he made a box and made it so once someone was in it they could
not escape. Set then took he box to a feast. at the feast he said whoever could fit
inside the box could keep it. Set had decorated the box with jewels so
everyone except Osiris had tried to fit in the box.
 Set went over to Osiris and asked Osiris to try Osiris fit in the box. Set
then poured lead on top of him.  Osiris could not escape.
Osiris died in the box and Set then threw the box
into the Nile River. Set then became king of the gods.
 Isis searched the Nile for the  box and Osiris. She found the box
 in a bush and then went to see Thoth. Thoth came up with a way to bring
Osiris back to life. They brought him back to life but Set found Osiris and tore his body into pieces
and scattered them through out Egypt. He was certain that
Osiris could never be brought back to life. Isis and
 his sister searched and found
all of the pieces to Osiris's body and brought the pieces to Thoth. Thoth used magic to put the pieces
together then Thoth had Anubis sew the pieces of Osiris back together, wash
the entrails then wrapped him in linen.
They then opened Osiris's mouth and his spirit entered his body. However something
 that was dead could never live in the land of the  living so Osiris went to the underworld and became king of the dead.