King Tut or Tutankhamun was born into royalty in 1341 BC.
His father was the King Akhenaten who was not very popular among the citizens. King Tut's birth name was Tutankhaten, which he changed when his father died. King Tut was not born from King Akhenaten's main wife Queen Nefertiti but she had only had daughters. King Akhenaten was not well liked because he changed the tradition of the egyptian religion and forced people to worship his way. When King Tut started ruling people thought he would be just like his father. When King Tut was seven his father passed away two years later he married his sister and became Pharaoh, he was  nine years old. Since King Tut was only nine  the real rulers who were making all the decisions were General Horemheb and King Tut's vizier Ay. King Tut and his advisors tried to fix all the chaos that his father had created, Egypt went back to their old gods and pyramids. The capital city was also relocated back to Memphis. King Tut died at the age of nineteen. Archeologists are not sure what killed him. Some people thought he was assassinated but it was most likely a wound to his leg, it was badly broken and infected it was most likely an accident. King Tut was buried in the Valley of the Kings, his tomb was built for someone else since he died unexpectedly. Some people believe that he was killed by Ay. His tomb is in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt. This is where the Egyptians buries Kings and very noble people. In 1914 many archeologists believed all of the pharaoh's tombs in the Valley of the Kings had been found, but Howard carter didn't agree, he believed that King Tutankhamun's tomb was still out there. Carter searched for close to five years but found very little. Lord Carnavon the person who was funding Carter's search was very frustrated and almost stopped funding But Carter convinced him to fund for one more year.

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