Valley of the Kings

by Alexis Green

The pharaohs of the new kingdom
thought they should be closer to their orignal roots, so they The Valley of the Kings is a royal
 burial place. 
Tut , Seit 1, and Ramses 111 are buried here, as well as many others. Also the high preists and queens of the 18,19, and 20th dynasty are buried here. Before 1922, they found 62 tombs. They thought that was
 all that would be there, until Howard Carter found
King Tut's tomb. Unlike most tombs, it was mainly unlooted. It was found in 1922.
 Like most pryamids, they were loaded with things that that person might need in the afterlife.

 It was once part of the city Thebes.
During about 1500 b.c., they stopped bulding pyramids and made the Valley of the Kings.
 A good amount of the tombs were robbed 1000 years ago.