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King Khafra's mother was Henutsen and his
father was King Khufu.
King Khafra had two siblings named
Djedefre and Kawab.

Khafra's spouse's were Hekenuhedjet, Khamerernebty,
and Meresankh III.
King Khafra had eight children.
They were named Menkaure, Khamerenebty II, Duaerne,
Nebemakhet, Nikawre, Ankhmare,
Unmin, and Iunre.

He reigned for twenty four through twenty six
He built the second largest pyramid named
Khafre/Khafra the Great at Giza and is often credited with the
building of the sphinx, and it is
suggested that the face of the Sphinx models it's creator.

He also left many beautifully
 designed diorite statures
of himself.