In the story of Isis she was the first daughter of Geb, the Earth
god and Nut,the Sky goddess. Isis married her brother Osiris. Then with Osiris
 she had Horus. Isis is one of the most important goddesses
 of ancient Egypt.
 Her name is a Greek form of an Egyptian word for throne. Originally Isis had few
temples and wasnt worshipped as much as other gods and goddesses. In later
dynasties, though she grew and grew in importance. Isis was often represented
by a beautiful woman wearing a sheath dress. No written
records mention her
before the 5th dynasty. Isis was a good queen who supported Osiris and taught the
 Egyptians how to weave, bake and brew beer. However Seth was jealous of
Osiris and plotted to kill him. Seth tried twice to kill Osiris but Isis saved him.
 Osiris then became the God of the underworld. When
 Isis had Horus he was
 determined to avenge Osiris. Isis hid with Horus until he was old enough.
 Eventually Horus was able to take the throne over Egypt. Isis remained
 a much loved goddess in all of Egypt.

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