Horus means distant one.
Horus appears as a falcon or as a man with the head of a falcon.
 In the beginning of Egypt Horus was a war and
 sky god who was married to Hathor.
Later on he became known as the enemy of Set and son of Osiris.
 In Egypt there are many hawk deities and multiple
 of them where called Horus. However Horus soon became the main hawk deity.
  Horus is the pharaoh's patron and protector.
Horus is associated with Lower and Upper Egypt.
The Paraoph in egypt was the living Horus until he died.
The Pharaoh when he died was consioderd to be Osiris.
Horus symbolized order while Set symbolized chaos.
Horus cut Isis's head of because she didn't want to kill her brother Set
so he cut of her head in a fit of rage.
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