The Hittite people lived in Anatolia, their capital was Hattusa.
They fought against Egypt while it was being ruled by Seti 1 and by Ramses II.
They were at the height of their power around 1380 bc 1346 bc.
The Hittites began to become weak around 1193 bc.
They hated the Egyptians and had one of the greatest battles of the ancient world's greatest battles against the Egyptians.
The fall of the Hittites was due to the sudden migration of sea people.
The heart land of the Hittite Empire was flooded with the Phrygian people.
The Hittites wrote in cuneiform the same form of writing the Mesopotamian's used.
The Hittite king was the chief ruler, supreme judge, and military leader.
They believed he was the earthly deputy to the storm god, when the king died, the Hittites believed that he would become a god.
Anatolia was rich with metals and the technology
that the Hittites made with these metals helped bring along the Iron Age.