Hieroglyphics are symbols used as the Egyptian alphabet in 2181 B.C. to 1069 B.C. Believe it or not the ancient Egyptians read from left to right and right to left, they did this while reading from the top to bottom, and the bottom to the top. If they read from the left, the beginning symbol would face the left. If they read from the right, the beginning symbol would face the  right. Some say that the hieroglyphic 'K' is the word basket, but it really means kilt. I will now list what all the symbols and what they mean using the standard American alphabet. A is for archer, who carries a bow. B is for beetle, who's footsteps are slow. C is for cat ,who sits there so still. D is for duck who "quake, quacks" with his bill. E is for eyes, looking up, looking down. F is for fish, watch it swim all around. G is for giraffe, stretching high to the sky. H is for hand, wave your own and say "Hi!!" I is for ibex, watch him leap out of sight. J is for jackal, he prowls at night. K is for kilt, made of linen so white. L is for lion, so proud of him might. M is for men, who are full of surprises. N is for nose, comes in all shapes and sizes. O is for owl, who's incredibly wise. P is for pyramid, reaching the skies. Q is for quail chick, all ready to go. R is for rabbit, make a move, off he'll go. S is for Simian, amazing as can be (or snake, creeping silently 'round). T is for tree, rooted safe in the ground. U is for unraveling the secret of hieroglyphics. V is for vulture, who soars from the cliffs. W is for woman, who's wisdom is clear. X marks the spot, because YOU are here. Y is for youth, a young girl or boy. Z is for zoo- a place of joy.