Hatshepsut was the first female Egyptian Pharoh. She was born in 1507 B.C.  She reined from 1473-1458 B.C. She was the daughter of King Thutmose I and her mother was Queen Ahmose she also had a sister named Nefurbity. Her name ment "foremost of Noble woman". When her father died Thutmose II became Pharoh and that was also Hatshepsut's  half brother and husband.  Unfortunately  Thutmose II died and the crown went to Thutmose III, who was Hatshepsut's newphew and stepson. The only problem was Thutmose III was a child and was unable to rule so Hastshepsut decided to take the throne. Hatshepsut did lots of building during her rule such as the Memorial Temple. No one knew that she was a girl except for her family and servants. She died in 1458 B.C. and was buried in the Valley of Kings. In 2007 Hatshepsut's tomb was found in the Valley of Kings tomb KV60.

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