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Akhenaten's Family

Akhenaten had a really big family! His parents were
Amenhotep III and Tiye.
Akhenaten married
Nefertiti. They had six daughters and Tutankamun.
The six daughters
were named Merytaten, Mekeaten, Akhesenpaten,
Neferneferure and


 Akhenaten  was  the most famous pharaoh in Ancient Egypt.
He reigned about 3,500 years ago.
Akhenaten ruled
in the 18th dynasty. He was known for changing the Egyptian culture.
The one he's most known for is
called the
religion revolution.
Akhenaten also made major changes in the art style.

Religion Revolution

The religious revolution is when Akhenaten overthrew the Ancient
Egyptian religion.
The Egyptians believed that there were many
gods, but Akhenaten believed
He believed that there was  one single god named Aten.
The reason of this is still unknown.
 There Are Some Theories in this change though.

In the late 1800s everyone thought that Akhenaten was
devoted to his religion and
devoted to the god he
 believed in (divinely inspired).
Even though  many people
believed in this
theory, they said that it was very unlikely that
he made major
changes out of nowhere.

Soon the early historians determined to link his religion
to the Jewish religion.
They said that
Akhenaten was inspired by Joseph or Moses.
Soon after looking more into
the theory of this they
realized it
was unlikely.

Another theory was proposed by John Tuthill, a professor
at the University of Guam. He said the
reason was political.
The theory is still be considered.

One more theory is that Akhenaten was
 influenced by
his family. Particularly his
wife or mother.
In Akhenaten's family
they liked the trend of  sun worship.