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The most famous temples were moved to safety. Some of them
are 155 miles south-east of Aswan. The temples
were rock-cut in the reign of Ramesses II.

The two temples were rediscovered in 1813 by the explorer
Jean-Louis Burckhardt, who found the heads of
statues of Ramesses which was
poking out from the

The temples were cleared four years later in 1817 by
Giovanni Belzoni. Giovanni Belzoni
was very upset because there
wasn't a lot of things inside
the temples.

In the 1960's they were raised to a new position 213 feet
higher up the cliffs and 690 feet to the north-west.
They now stand on an artificial mountain
made out of rubble and rock
supported by two domes
made out of

Below the feet of the enthroned king are his enemies
which are the Nubians on the left, Lybians and
Hitties on the right.

Around the king's legs are statues of the royal family
arranged around the king's legs. In comparison
to the other statues these
royal family statues
are very small.